Kali MV-BT Bluetooth audio input module

The MV-BT is a Bluetooth receiver with balanced outputs for use with any professional audio system. It provides an elegant solution for sound professionals looking to integrate Bluetooth-capable devices into their systems.

Users can pair any Bluetooth-capable playback device, including smartphones and laptops, with the MV-BT, and connect directly to their speakers, a mixer, or an interface. Using the aptX Codec, the MV-BT is capable of receiving CD quality audio over Bluetooth.

The MV-BT has independent volume control, eliminating the need to control volume from a playback device. This puts a big, easy-to-use volume controller at users’ fingertips, and ensures that any Bluetooth-capable playback device can send audio at the highest possible resolution. An LED array alongside the volume wheel indicates the volume level.

In addition to Bluetooth input, there is a 3.5mm input on the side of the unit to provide physical connection to older devices.

The MV-BT provides Stereo Balanced TRS and XLR for easy connection with any professional system. Because these are balanced connectors, users can use long runs of cable without risking more noise entering the signal.

The MV-BT uses independent volume control, so users don’t need to control volume from their playback device. Additionally, this means that the Bluetooth device can play at full resolution, while still giving users the opportunity to fine-tune the output volume according to their needs.

Retail Price ex VAT : € 99,99 Available beginning of September

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