Mictic – The World’s First Body Instrument

Mictic presents a wristband that uses your body movements to create sound through your phone or tablet in real-time. Forget air guitaring, think air drumming. Various activities are enriched using interactive sound patterns. This marks the beginning of a new era: audio augmented reality.

Do you want to play Bach, the Star Wars theme song or your favorite pop tune on the cello, and experience music like never before? Mictic allows you to play them all, giving everyone the opportunity to create or play music without an actual instrument. Thanks to wristbands with sensors, various instruments are controlled by simple motion – in other words: Mictic makes music following your movements. It is the perfect gadget for all those who love to express themselves through movement and sound.

The world’s first body instrument is as small as a watch and can be fixed to either wrists or ankles, making it portable as well as easy to carry. It is a tool developed to support musicians and performers, for instance when they are working on a new piece. Particularly developed sound kits have been tested and approved: The instruments are played by intuitive hand or leg movements. Mictic will provide additional instruments and individual sound kits, including robotic sounds or light sabers, thus also giving young ones a creative tool.

Rolf Hellat, Founder and CEO: «I want to empower everyone to intuitively create music with their own body! Everybody should experience the excitement of hearing sounds connected to their movements, something unknown so far. It just makes you smile – I can guarantee that much.»

About the company:
Mictic AG is a rapidly growing startup founded and based in Zurich. To get their product off the ground and – quite literally – moving, the highly experienced and dedicated team has partnered with the Swiss Startup Factory.

The emerging company is currently looking for investors to finance their app as well as new developments and products. The pre-sale will be launched by July 2019 to raise funds for continued development. The product will be available in early 2020.

«After three years of developing the technology, we are finally ready for the last step: To develop the easy-to-use smartphone app. To finance this, we will start taking pre-orders,» says Rolf Hellat, Founder and CEO.

Stay tuned and check out the website mictic.com to sign up for pre-orders and to become part of the next musical revolution.

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