Gearjunkies video – Wersi City Rack KF2 organ synthesizer expender first look and sound demo

In 2014, the Dutch music store Bax Music, then called Bax shop, took over a music store in Belgium. Deep in the warehouse they found some old gear of which they could not trace the owners. So they have given some of these devices to a Gearjunk.

Today I start, and I am ashamed that it has taken so long, the Wersi City Rack KF2 for the first time. This video contains a short history of Wersi, and an expanded sound demonstration.

Some history
In 1969, two German brothers, Wilhelm-Erich and Reinhard Franz, founded the Wersi company. The large number of electronic and mechanical components at that time required extensive manual work, so that factory-made products were priceless for most musicians.  Because of the self-construction, whose idea was taken over by the then competitor Dr.-Böhm-Organ, larger E-organs from WERSI were interesting for the first time for many bands and amateur musicians. Moreover, the construction of a WERSI organ offered many hobbyists the possibility of an extra income.
As technology became increasingly complex and automated PCB assembly was required by miniaturization of electronic components, they were later only ready for use or ready to play organs to buy. After the company went bankrupt in 2010, Music Store in Cologne acquired the trademark rights and since then the development and sale. The former location in Halsenbach was abandoned.
The Wersi City Rack KF2 is an extensive 19-inch sound module, and is a big brother of the Rack Fox KF1. The City Rack KF2 has many different sounds, not only organs but also pianos, strings and wind instruments. In addition, the City Rack KF2 has a chord guidance module. The various instruments can be adjusted in volume.
The organ sounds can also be edited with various draw bars and percussion. A fast and slow lesion has also been thought of. In the bass section you have a choice of different instruments. The City Rack KF2 has two audio outputs at the rear, MIDI in, out and thru and volume control.

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