have revealed their first machine for DJs and musicians: Timetosser

Timetosser is a new kind of live performance tool. It enables you to playfully loop and reorder any kind of musical input in real time. Use it as a standalone device, or connect it to your computer to control the Timetosser audio plugin in your favourite DAW software.

Think of it as a playable audio delay with a unique built-in tempo detection system that can also be synced through Midi and analog gate. By playing Timetosser you can rhythmically reorder parts of the incoming audio and shuffle them around. This way you are able to create and add infinite variations to your tracks and loops. have developed Timetosser as far as they can: the only step left is production. The regular Kickstarter price is set to €2 95 (Early Birds aside) and their 30-day campaign will start on the 1st of June.

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