Torso Electronics launches an expressive algorithmic midi sequencer T-1

Torso Electronics is excited to announce T-1 – an algorithm-driven sequencer that enables an expressive and fluent workflow and opens a world of endless exploration of musical structures.

A new approach to sequencing
The fast and non-linear workflow truly sets the T-1 apart from other step sequencers. With a hands-on interface, T-1 reimagines how you interact with sequencers. T-1 uses a tactile approach where the composition is sculpted with a set of dynamic parameters. Much like you would sculpt a sound on a synth.

A set of parameter-driven algorithms allows for real-time control on every aspect of the composition. This creates an immediate and expressive workflow and lets you dive deep in musical exploration, and create ever-surprising musical structures. T-1 lets you change the rhythmic patterns, alter the melodic movements, and add random modulation with a twist of a knob.

Create percussive polyrhythmic sequences and explore endless melodic variations
The main source of rhythm generation on T-1 is based on the Euclidean algorithm – a powerful tool for generating a vast variety of rhythmic patterns. By changing the different parameters of the Euclidean cycle almost all traditional rhythms can be generated. With T-1 you can create complex melodies by modulating the pitch with different melodic phrases and random sequences. Notes can be locked into both preset- and user-customizable scales. T-1 also lets you add repeating notes and build arpeggiating patterns.

The possibilities for musical variation on T-1 are endless. Randomization can be added to every parameter on each track, making it possible to add slight variations to total random chaos. The randomization can be locked into loops and be set to slowly evolve, generating variations on the composition over time.

  • T-1 unlocks new life to existing studio equipment. It connects and controls a wide variety of new and old devices, making it a beautiful addition to an existing hardware & computer setup.
  • T-1 is able to generate large amounts of MIDI notes and makes it possible to create complex and unplayable patterns. The complex structures that arise brings new life to any synth or drum machine.
  • T-1 lets you keep track of time with Ableton Link over WiFi. Link is a technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of your DAW and Link-enabled devices and apps over a wireless network.
  • T-1 can also be used as a powerful hands-on MIDI effect processor. All of the embedded algorithms that transform and multiply the musical composition can also be used to manipulate and transform incoming MIDI notes.
  • T-1 has 16 banks, with 16 patterns in each bank – a total of 256 patterns are always readily available.
    Each track contains up to 16 euclidean cycles of 16 steps – meaning a total of 256stepspertrack.T​ -1alsoallowsforstepbystepeditingofthepattern.
  • T-1 offers a total of 16 tracks with up to 24 note polyphony on each track. Each track can be assigned to one of 16 MIDI channels, connecting to hardware or software devices via USB or the MIDI ports.

    Launch info
    T-1 will launch on Kickstarter 8th of June


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