Gearjunkies video – Yamaha TQ-5 FM Tone Generator Overview and sounds

In this video Marc starts up the Yamaha TQ-5 FM Tone Generator for the first time, gives an overview of what this FM synthesizer can do, and shows a lot of sounds.

The Yamaha TQ5 is an FM synthesizer from 1988 with a somewhat strange, but typical 80s appearance. Yamaha has marketed this product in addition to the PF-1500 electric piano.

In fact, it is the YS-200 keyboard in a module version, and it has the same synth architecture as the TX81z.

The TQ-5 is an eight-voice synthesizer based on the YM3017 chip. That means that there are 4 operators with eight waveforms and algorithms. It has an ADSR and three pitch envelops, an LFO, 10 built-in effects, MIDI and an eight track sequencer. It is touch sensitive, and has aftertouch itself.

The TQ-5 has 100 built-in presets, and another 100 in a user bank, where you can also store the TX81z’s patches.

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