Hypersynth announces Hcard-705 multibank cartridge for Yamaha DX5 and DX1

Hypersynth “Hcard-705” is a multibank cartridge pair for expanding the external memory of Yamaha DX5 and DX1. DX5/1 voice memory is limited to 32 presets for each part A and B, which could be upgraded to 64 presets by adding an external Yamaha “Data RAM” cartridge.

“Data RAM” is discontinued, rare,expensive and It relies on battery for data retention. “Hcard-705” can be used as a drop in replacement for Yamaha “DATA RAM” cartridge. it stores up to 400 banks per cartridge without the worry of battery life and data loss. Hcard-705 is compatible to DX5/1 voice and performance format.


  • Memory size for voice: Up to 800 banks (25600 Voices, card A+B).
  • Memory size for performance: Up to 400 banks (25600 Perfs, card A).
  • Loaded with 52 voice banks per card.
  • Loaded with 2 performance banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory).
  • Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
  • Two digits bank indicator display.
  • No need for battery.
  • Drop in replacement for “Data RAM”, “Voice ROM” and “Perf Rom” cartridge.
  • Hidden “Memory Protect” option.
  • Compatible with Yamaha DX5 and DX1.

Performance Banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory)

Performance is the magic part of DX1/5 which enables Dual and Split modes. In single mode, DX1/5 engine is nothing more than a DX7 MKI. Hyper-Bank is the first third-party and commercially availabe performance bank for Yamaha DX1/5. Hyper-Bank contains 64 presets in 8 categories: Gated/Rhythmic, Synth, Pad, Yamaha Bests, Key/Piano, Bell, Bass/Lead, Misc. The sounds cover new age, ambient, retro, vintage electro, disco and EDM genres.

Voice Banks

“Hcard-705” pair is loaded with 52 voice banks per card:

  • Hyper-Bank voices (Bank 0-1)
  • Yamaha DX1/DX5 original voice ROMs (Bank 2-3)
  • All Hcard-701 soundbanks (Bank 4-27)
  • All Yamaha VCR-1XX cartridges (Bank 28-51)
  • Default banks (Bank 52-399)
  • These soundbanks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection.

The Hcard-705 costs $389 ex shipping and customs.

Via Synthopia

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