Meet the TIERRA Audio Gravity TAKE 2 VCA Bus Compressor

During these months in which the whole world has been forced to stop dramatically, TIERRA Audio has faced this new situation as a challenge to continue improving its products and growing as professionals and as a company. This young and innovative company from Madrid has just launched its new TAKE 2 analog range, with significant improvements in its manufacturing processes and the complete redesign of its analog audio electronics, with particular emphasis on greater ecological awareness and on achieving the best sound performance of each model.

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is the first model in the new TAKE 2 range. TIERRA Audio ensures that those who have already tried it agree that this compressor is the perfect glue for all their mixes.

Gravity VCA has 100% analog electronics. Its versatility, precision, and dynamic control capacity make it suitable for all kinds of situations, including recording, mixing, and mastering. This revamped version of the Gravity VCA provides more punch and presence in stereo microphone sets. Its cleanliness and clarity goes well beyond its imposing dynamic range (SNR) and its low harmonic distortion (THD). All these features also make it a particularly suitable compressor for the MIX BUS, much excelling in bass treatment and the consolidation of voices within the mix.

Apart from the technical specifications, TIERRA Audio products are characterized by having highly marked environmental values, starting with the design and manufacture by hand in Madrid, and the use of sustainable and local raw materials. For example, its front panel is made of cherry wood from sustainable forests, and gives each unit a genuine and unrepeatable finish. The chassis made of high-quality aluminum makes the product light and resistant at the same time.

But not only do they pay attention to electronic design, but also the packaging proposed by TIERRA Audio has an exquisite and differential finish that highlights the special care they put into all the details and their obsession to achieve the best user experience. Each unit is delivered in a light and resistant Paulownia wood box, the fastest growing tree on the planet.

Thanks to their “TIERRA Green” project, for each product sold, they plant a tree, which makes TIERRA Audio, in addition to its excellent work in the world of music production, carry out a valuable exercise in raising awareness of climate change and strive to achieve a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. Currently, they have stores and distributors that allow you to enjoy their products worldwide, such as Thomann Music or Mastering Mansion Pro Audio.

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