Noise Machine – An Ultra-Portable Midi Controller for on the road

Do you ever wish you could easily bring your full sized keyboard with you on the bus? Out for a walk? Insert obscure humorous spot. Enter Noise Machine. A palm sized wireless midi controller that was unveiled back in May. Simple yet functional, Noise Machine offers a unique and truly portable solution for making music wherever you are through its 12 buttons, slider, and midi expression knob…. All you need is a phone (with DAW/Synth app of your choice) and Noise Machine!

Integrate multiple together for a jam session, go solo, or attach to a guitar to loop or trigger samples, Noise Machine offers a new and portable twist on the classic midi instrument. Featuring three different modes, a pocketable design, and tactile wire/hassle free goodness, Noise Machine is set to take Kickstarter by storm through their one of a kind community involved campaign in Fall 2020.

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