Michigan Synth Works announces Chronovore – TB-303 sequencer for Eurorack

Michigan Synth Works has put the Roland TB-303 sequencer in a 24HP Eurorack module, and named it Chronovore.

The circuit was faithfully recreated with modern components in a small form factor suitable for eurorack. The device includes the Pixie u650 CPU which runs an emulation of the original 303 mask ROM for a genuine 303 experience. Since the hardware is identical to the 303 sequencer, other CPUs such as the Quicksilver or Sonic Potions are also compatible.


  • Accent, Gate, CV Outputs
  • Clock in (24 PPQN) and Run (active High) Inputs for sync
  • MIDI Input for MIDI sync and start as supported on Pixie
  • Adjustable slide time, stock, longer, longer, and REALLY long
  • Digital controlled Bank / Function controls with display (pattern groups are displayed as A-D instead of I-IV)

The Chronovore CV / Gate Sequencer will cost $ 330 and will be available to order from November at michigansynthworks.com

Via Gearnews

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