Orchestral Tools announces LA Sessions

Orchestral Tools announces LA Sessions—a comprehensive song-production toolkit for professional producers. The library provides a wide range of meticulously sampled instruments and backing vocals—all recorded at LA’s iconic United Recording studios. Because all the instruments were recorded in place within the same studio environment, the entire collection—from drums and guitars to strings and backing vocals—plays well together, allowing much easier and more precise mixing.

Ideal for individual composers, producers, and experienced songwriters, LA Sessions offers all the instruments and sounds needed to create full band arrangements. The 30 sampled
instruments include an array of guitars, basses, drums, pianos and keys plus extensive hand and mallet percussion, studio strings, and soulful backing vocals. Instruments and vocals were recorded with seasoned studio pros who have contributed to numerous high-profile recordings.The string players in particular are session players for pop and soul productions, and the strings in LA Sessions have a very different sound to ‘classical’ strings.

The goal of this collection is to provide producers with a set of instruments and voices that sound cohesive, live, and authentic when playing together. Orchestral Tools have applied their characteristic attention to detail at every level of the recording process. The result is a collection of band instruments that are useful in themselves, but together, form much more than the sum of the individual parts. LA Sessions effectively places the sound of United
Recording studios directly into the DAWs of pro producers worldwide.

LA Sessions captures the sonic character of the renowned United Recording studios—a choice recording facility for legends of rock and pop ranging from Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles to Radiohead and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Recorded with vintage analog gear, all instruments and vocals were sampled in complementary positions within the same room at United Recording. Users can easily build complete arrangements with highly realistic, live-sounding stereo mixes.

LA Sessions will be available on November 25 for €399 + VAT through the Orchestral Tools website. Customers can pre-order the library for €249 + VAT.

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