Gruv Gear Launches KarbonZero Mask

Premium lifestyle brand Gruv Gear launches its new Karbon Series face masks to help protect you and your family during travel or in public places, especially during the COVID pandemic. The KarbonZero mask is the first model out of the line and has received great acclaim around the world, selling out within the first week of release.

The lightweight reusable mask has a thoughtful, stylish and luxurious design. The breathable, multi-layered KarbonZero face mask is fully compatible with optional, disposable PM2.5 activated carbon filters. The 5-layer antibacterial filters are designed to block droplets, pollen and pollution also. KarbonZero masks come with a pinch-seal nose bridge and easy to adjust straps for a custom comfort fit.

Finished to complement the Gruv Gear “stealth” range of triple-black products, the new masks feature satin brushed side panels with an air mesh ventilated center panel for comfort.

The mask can be purchased with or without a pack of 10 filters. Guidelines recommend that the filter be replaced every one to two weeks. Owners may also keep their KarbonZero masks looking fresh by occasionally hand washing with warm water and gentle soap, and allowing it to air-dry.

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