Cableguys release DriveShaper for ShaperBox 2

Powered by Cableguys’ signature drawable LFOs, Envelope Followers and multiband controls, DriveShaper is an inspirational modulation machine and laser-targeted mix tool all in one.

It’s already in use by Zedd, Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson), The Chainsmokers, BT, Armin van Buuren, Richard Devine, CamelPhat, Hybrid Minds, Khaliq Glover (Prince, Justin Timberlake, Herbie Hancock), and more.

For creative production and sound design, use DriveShaper to animate any sound with pulsing distortion rhythms and hard-edged grooves. Create growling modulated basslines, energize melodies, rhythmize pads, and bring boring loops to life. For mix precision, it’s never been this easy to focus distortion only where you need it. Target the lows, mids and highs with fast 3-way multiband control. Dynamically saturate with reactive drive. Distort a single transient inside a complex loop. Get punchier 808s and kicks, sizzling vocals, warm synths, bolder basslines, enhanced loops and more.

Running inside Cableguys’ ShaperBox 2 plugin, DriveShaper is just €39 / $44 or FREE for those who bought any Cableguys plugin before 16 Dec 2020. DriveShaper is also available in the ShaperBox 2 Bundle (€89 / $99) containing 7 Shaper effects.

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