Sensel Morph Firmware Update

Sensel is pleased to present a new firmware update for their genius MIDI controller the Morph.

In addition to fixing some long-annoying bugs in the Morph, we’ve introduced some really interesting improvements for velocity scaling and MPE pitch-bending. Check out this video for detailed instructions on how to set up and understand these two key features. You can also find all the nitty gritty details in the forum!

To update your Morph’s firmware, just open up the SenselApp and click the red button near the top left corner. Detailed instructions can be found here. It’s best to update firmware with a direct connection to a USB port to your computer, rather than through a hub. If you only have USB-C ports and have to use a hub/dongle, you may lose connection during the update – please unplug and try again (just let us know if the issue persists).

All details about this update can be found in the Sensel forum.

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