Gearjunkies video – Studio Session: Avalon Bassline 2044 Filter

Abstrakt Instruments more or less silently release a new filter cartridge for the Avalon Bassline synthesizer.
The 2044 Filter cartridge contains a modern 2144 SSI filter, based on the SSM2044 filter, a classic 4-pole lowpass filter chip, as used in a large number of great synths, including the PPG Wave 2.3, the Korg Monopoly and Polysix. In this video we will tweak its filter envelopes, various waveforms from the oscillator and sub-osc and turn up the resonance. It is a 24DB low pass filter, in this case filter mode B is the same but there are subtle differences, therefore we will switch filter mode B on and off during the sound demo.
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