Vochlea Music announces Dubler 2

Vochlea Music launch Dubler 2, an advanced software-only voice-to-MIDI desktop application that allows you to turn your musical ideas into reality, using the voice.

Amateur or pro, the most instinctive way for a musician to communicate an idea for a melody, bassline or beat is by using their voice— our built-in tool for musical expression. Whilst musical ideas might be easy to sing, accurately capturing those ideas using traditional instruments or MIDI controllers can be challenging— even for the most accomplished musician.

Introducing Dubler 2, a standalone, software-only desktop voice-to MIDI application from Vochlea Music that can turn your musical ideas into a reality, by simply vocalising them.

Using all the timbral qualities of the voice, Dubler 2 allows musicians to trigger samples, control synths, play chords, manipulate filters and effects, lock to a key, track pitch, pitch-bend and control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping values simultaneously, based on the individual way they make their unique sounds.

Dubler 2 works with all DAWs, and training your voice to the software takes under 30 seconds, allowing musicians to start creating virtually immediately, providing record-speed workflows, whilst simultaneously providing unparalleled expression and control.

Users can access a free 7-day trial at vochlea.com and be able to integrate it quickly into their workflow by calibrating it with their preferred dynamic microphone, allowing them to experience the power of their voice in their production workflow right away.

Free 7-day trials are available from vochlea.com and is available to purchase for:

Software Only Pricing:

UK: £189  |   USA: $249   |   EU: €219

Dubler Studio Kit 2 Pricing:

UK: £249  |   USA: $329   |   EU: €289

Upgrades from Dubler 1

UK: £59  |   USA: $78   |   EU: €69

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