Gearjunkies video – The PWM Malevolent synthesizer in 19 minutes

At superbooth 2021 in Berlin we came across the Malevolent synthesiser. A new player on the market, from the English company PWM.

The Malevolent is a monophonic, semi-modular analogue synthesizer, with a touch-sensitive keyboard with 32 mini keys, and on top are all the rotary knobs and the CV jack. It has two VCOs, each with coarse and fine tuning, waveshaper/PWM, two FM inputs and three simultaneously switchable waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, pulse), an LFO with triangle and square waveforms and two ADSR envelopes (preset to VCF and VCA). Its filter is a ‘Sallen-Key’12dB/octave type with resonance, and is related to the filter in the Korg MS-20, and sounds nice and a bit rough.

In this video we show you all the features of the PWM Malevolent, and of course we let you hear this analogue synth as well.

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