Output Releases Full Eco Acoustic Panels System

the LA-based company behind music creation tools Arcade, Exhale and Portal, is adding Eco Acoustic Panels to its range of studio gear. The complete high performance acoustic treatment system —Absorbers, Bass Traps, and Diffusers—was built in collaboration with sound science experts De-Fi, to create the optimal studio experience.

In alignment with Output’s ethos, Eco Acoustic Panels are intentionally designed with both top notch sound quality and aesthetics in mind. The air gap and perforated PET felt panels used in both the Absorbers and Bass Traps remove unwanted reflections and low frequency build up at comparable RT60 values to much thicker, wall-mounted materials. The Diffusers, made from high quality hardwood, are tuned to scatter mid-range frequencies for ideal sonic conditions. The full system was also crafted with sustainability in mind, leveraging post-consumer recycled materials in each element.

“With the addition of Acoustic Panels, we’re nearly at the point that Output can build out your entire studio,” said Output CEO Gregg Lehrman. “It was a no-brainer to pair with the industry veterans at De-Fi to create the best looking solution for optimizing your studio sound.”

According to J.C Sutherland, who leads Hardware Development at Output and is the Founder and CEO of De-Fi, low environmental impact was a driving force behind the Eco Acoustic Panels. “It was important to all of us to create a product with the lowest possible environmental impact,” said Sutherland. “You should feel good about the materials you’re surrounded by in your studio.”

The Eco Acoustic Panels are available for purchase now in the US and Europe at output.com/acoustic-panels.

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