Shakmat announces four new modules at Superbooth 22

Belgium-based eurorack company Shakmat, known for their performance-oriented modules, are announcing four new modules for this Superbooth 22. Pretty known for their hands on sequencers and sound processors, Shakmat now focuses on synthesis with a set of 3 analog modules and a compact triple envelope.

Banshee Reach
This 8HP module is not really a new one as we teased it in September in Berlin under the name Banshee Set. After passionate feedbacks and beta testers comments, the UI was completely redesigned in order to propose a compact, versatile and live oriented analog VCO. Besides a series of features already announced last year (varishape, sub generator and thru-zero modulation), the new version has an octaver function which freezes the fine knob and turns the coarse knob into an octave switch covering 9 octaves. Never detune your VCO by turning that tune knob by accident again.

Jeweler Cast
The Jeweler Cast combines a triple source crossfader, a diode ring modulator, a wavefolder and a distortion, all in 6HP. As an obvious application, the module is a perfect tool to mix and process waveforms coming from VCOs and for more creative patchers, it can be a very fun tool for applications such as drum processing, combining and twisting LFOs,…

This 12HP module is so fresh we still don’t have any name for it but we were really excited to show it to the world. This DMTG (dual multi-type gate) is made of two channels that can be shifted between different VCF (different modes and types), LPG or VCA. The module has a 100% analog signal path while a digital brain reconfigures the different analog blocks to create different topologies : a liquid filter combined to a VCA, HPF/LPF MS20 combo, a dual LPG, a dual peak filter, stereo processing… You got it : this is a very polyvalent module which covers a lot of subtractive analog territories. Shakmat also added some smart features such as an opto CV response emulation, serial or parallel routings, a link function and CV recall of the channel’s types.

Triple Steeple
The Triple Steeple is a 3 channel 8HP envelope generator. Each channel offers control upon the time and symmetry of the envelope and also provides 5 different modes : triggered, gated, looped, gated loop and clocked loop. Envelope timing is CV controllable and the three channels share a common input assignable to the amplitude or the symmetry of any channel. As the envelopes work individually, internal normalized “end of” gates and combined signals on the third output lead to more experimental applications.

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