Shakmat annouces four new eurorack modules

Shakmat, the innovative Eurorack module manufacturer, has unveiled four new modules at Superbooth 23. The Archer’s Rig, Battering Ram, Centaur’s Gates and Clock O’Pawn MKII are the latest additions to the Shakmat lineup, and they promise to bring new dimensions of sound and flexibility to Eurorack users.

The Archer’s Rig module is a unique hihat module that combines digital sound sources with analog VCA, filter and distortion circuits. With ten different algorithms and eight effects, the Archer’s Rig offers a wide range of hi-hat sounds. The module also features a randomizer function that generates new sounds with every use, and up to 96 presets can be stored.

The Battering Ram module is a kick drum synthesizer that offers a wide range of sounds, from deep sub-basses to hard techno kicks. With two different drive and distortion modes, the Battering Ram is a versatile module that can be used in a variety of musical styles. The module also includes trigger and accent inputs, as well as CV inputs for drive, decay, depth and pitch.

The Centaur’s Gates module is a dual gate module that offers eight different modes of operation. With LPG and VCA modes, as well as a multimode filter, the Centaur’s Gates module is a versatile tool for sound shaping and modulation. The module also includes two different characteristics and a feedback loop for added flexibility.

The Clock O’Pawn MKII module is an updated version of the popular clock generator module. With an intuitive transport section, the Clock O’Pawn MKII offers precise timing and a range of accent patterns and grooves. The module also includes a humanize function for added realism, and can be synced to a MIDI clock for even greater flexibility.

Pricing and availability for these new modules have not yet been announced by Shakmat, but they are sure to be eagerly anticipated by Eurorack enthusiasts worldwide. With their innovative designs and versatile features, the Archer’s Rig, Battering Ram, Centaur’s Gates and Clock O’Pawn MKII modules are set to take Eurorack music production to the next level.

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