UDO Audio announces the Super Gemini synthesizer

UDO Audio has announced the upcoming release of their latest synthesizer, the Super Gemini, which will be unveiled at Superbooth 23. This new addition to the Super series is a bitimbral hybrid synthesizer with 20 voices, polyphonic aftertouch, and a wide range of controls for intuitive operation.

The Super Gemini builds upon the successful foundation of the Super 6, using digital FPGA oscillators to produce a diverse range of sounds. However, with 20 voices, the Super Gemini offers more sonic potential than its predecessor. Additionally, the control panel has been expanded to provide complete control over both synth layers, promising an even greater degree of flexibility and creativity.

The Super Gemini boasts a range of functions, including wave morphing, sync, and cross and ring modulation, which enable a wide sonic palette that goes beyond the traditional analog programs. The filters are analog, and the signal path is completely stereo. Using the “Super Voices” reduces the number of voices to 10, but this is still ample for most performance scenarios.

UDO Audio has taken great care to ensure the Super Gemini is a versatile and expressive instrument. The 61-key keyboard is equipped with polyphonic aftertouch, and there is a specially developed ribbon sensor that can be used to control individual notes, providing performers with a wide range of expressive possibilities.

Overall, the UDO Super Gemini takes the concept of the Super 6 to the next level. It promises to be a powerful and flexible instrument, and we eagerly await the first sound samples and impressions from Superbooth 23.

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