Superlative announces the Monolab 1210 semi-modular analog synthesizer

Superlative is back with a new offering that has synth enthusiasts excited. The Monolab 1210, a semi-modular analog synthesizer, is causing quite a stir at Superbooth 23. With its slim chassis and tidy control panel, it’s clear that Superlative has gone to great lengths to make this synth stylish and user-friendly.

The Monolab 1210 boasts all the important building blocks of subtractive synthesis, including a VCO with triangle, sawtooth, and square waveforms, as well as a noise and sample-and-hold section. There is also a 3-channel mixer leading into a filter with three CV inputs, followed by a VCA that can operate with linear or exponential characteristics.

In terms of modulation, the Monolab 1210 has an LFO with sine, sawtooth rising and falling, and square oscillation modes, as well as a delay parameter. The synthesizer also has a loopable ADSR envelope for added versatility.

One of the unique features of the Monolab 1210 is its internal connections, which allow you to play the synth without patch cables. However, the true potential of this synth is unlocked when you start using the numerous patch jacks to add or replace the internal connections.

It’s worth noting that the Monolab 1210 is designed to be part of a larger “System 1000,” which suggests that Superlative may have more synthesizers in the same format with other methods for sound generation in the works.

Unfortunately, Superlative has not yet released any information on pricing or exact release dates, but synth enthusiasts are definitely keeping an eye out for more news on this exciting new addition to the market.

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