Moises Unveils AI-Powered Music Creation App

Moises is launching three groundbreaking tools to reshape the way artists approach practicing and creating music. The new features–AI Lyrics Transcription, Song Sections, and Extended Chords–will empower singers, songwriters, and musicians to unlock their full potential–quickly learning new songs or capturing their musical ideas and seamlessly turning them into masterpieces.

“Each of these features provides new functionality unique to Moises,” explains Spencer Mann, VP of Growth at Moises. “Our product team has listened to our incredible customers and these new features are the result. They are all designed to help intermediate and advanced musicians get the most from their experience in Moises.”

Designed with artists’ creative processes in mind, Moises’s AI Lyrics Transcription quickly and accurately transcribes lyrics from songs in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. Synchronizing lyrics with word-by-word precision, the tool makes learning lyrics and practicing vocals easier than ever before. Whether you’re a songwriter looking to capture your own creative ideas, a seasoned vocalist honing your performance, or simply a music lover who wants to sing along with your favorite songs, the AI Lyrics Transcription tool is the perfect solution.

For optimal collaboration and accessibility across devices, users can access their transcribed lyrics on all platforms–making it possible to record an idea on a mobile device, import it into Moises, and continue perfecting the work on a desktop device. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that artists can work on their music anytime, anywhere, without any limitations.

Advanced Chords, the new addition to the Chord Detection feature, caters to intermediate and proficient musicians by providing more accurate chord detection and advanced chord capabilities. Now users can access more complex chords like the ones found in Jazz and Bossa Nova songs. Categorizing three different chord types–easy, medium, and advanced–Moises ensures that musicians have the right chords for their skill level and the songs they want to learn and practice.

Directly addressing a long-standing request from users, Moises is elevating musicians’ practice experience with its AI-powered Song Sections feature. With unparalleled precision, Song Sections leverages cutting-edge AI to automatically detect and loop different parts of a song such as the Intro, verse, and bridge. Music enthusiasts and gig musicians who need to quickly learn new songs for performance can now swiftly and seamlessly master their setlists in efficient and effective practice sessions using Song Sections.

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