Bitwig and PreSonus introduce a new open DAWproject format

Bitwig and PreSonus Studio One are delighted to introduce DAWproject, an innovative project file format designed to facilitate seamless exchanges between various digital audio workstations (DAWs). Effective immediately, this format is fully supported in Bitwig Studio 5.0.9 and Studio One 6.5. DAWproject represents the latest collaborative effort led by Bitwig, aimed at fostering connections within the music technology industry and providing musicians with greater creative freedom. This development follows our successful 2022 launch of CLAP, a free and open plug-in standard created in partnership with u-he.

Claes Johanson, co-founder of Bitwig and the driving force behind DAWproject, remarks, “Every DAW possesses its own unique strengths. Now, enabling users to seamlessly transition their work between different programs has become more effortless than ever before, and it’s the right direction for our industry.”

Arnd Kaiser, General Manager at PreSonus Software, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “Our vision for Studio One has always been to remove workflow barriers and empower users to collaborate seamlessly. With DAWproject, we are thrilled to introduce an innovative open format that finally allows users of different DAWs to work together harmoniously. We take great pride in launching this groundbreaking format in collaboration with Bitwig.”

The DAWproject File Format

Music producers frequently utilize multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Some seek inspiration through novel features and technologies, while others employ different programs for various phases of their production and performance processes. Regrettably, no standardized exchange format existed to facilitate project sharing across DAWs, compelling users to laboriously export and re-import audio stems.

DAWproject represents an open and free file format that substantially simplifies the transition from one DAW to another, granting producers the freedom to select their preferred DAW for specific tasks. No longer will there be a need for intricate, time-consuming procedures involving project migration, format conversions, and exporting or importing. DAWproject files encompass all the crucial information in a DAW-agnostic format.

Key Features

The DAWproject format boasts several key features that distinguish it from MIDI and AAF formats. In the following comparison, you’ll observe that DAWproject files encompass a broader spectrum of data relevant to DAWs and DAW-like applications. This comprehensive support empowers users to transcend the limitations of traditional interchange formats

DAWproject is available as of today supported in Bitwig Studio 5.0.9 and PreSonus Studio One 6.5. Read up on the details in our knowledge base article “DAWproject Format FAQs”. The DAWproject file format is open and free and can be implemented easily by other DAWs and DAW-like software and h ardware. Here’s the specification on Github for interested developers and users.

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