Softube announces Console 1 Channel Mk III

Introducing the eagerly anticipated Console 1 Channel Mk III by Softube, representing the latest evolution in their groundbreaking mixing control surfaces. Set to hit the market in Fall 2023, this release promises to revolutionize the audio mixing experience.

Experience World-Class Console Sound
Softube, renowned for their meticulous emulation of big studio gear from Tube-Tech to Weiss, delivers authentic and timeless big studio sounds. The Console 1 Channel is bundled with Softube’s Core Mixing Suite software, offering award-winning audio quality. This suite incorporates Softube Tape, FET Compressor Mk II, and Bus Processor into versatile preamp, shaping, equalization, and compression modules, featuring an innovative drive that upholds Softube’s reputation for stellar saturation. While it embodies Softube’s vision of the perfect channel strip, users also have the freedom to explore Softube’s unique catalog to craft their own dream console.

Unparalleled Console Feel
Softube’s engineers have meticulously designed the Console 1 Channel Mk III with Analog Feel™ potentiometers, providing an unrivaled tactile experience reminiscent of premium outboard gear. These knobs offer weighty, precise, and responsive control, enhancing the immersive mixing experience. With over ten times the resolution of its predecessor, the Console 1 Channel Mk III serves as a future-proof cornerstone for modern mixing workflows.

Mixing Without the Mouse
Say goodbye to the mouse. Console 1 Channel’s knob-per-function design empowers users to mix using their hands and sculpt their sound with their ears. Equipped with dual high-resolution smart screens and an industry-defining 1:1 workflow, users gain a clear understanding of their adjustments and easy access to crucial parameters. Channel’s efficiency enhancements allow users to refocus on the creative process.

What’s New with Console 1 Channel Mk III:

  • Premium bead-blasted aluminum with a Nordic Night Sky finishDual high-resolution smart screens
  • 27 Analog Feel™ potentiometers with touch sensitivity
  • Two instances per Shape, EQ, and Compressor section
  • Console 1 Core Mixing Suite, featuring:
  • Softube Tape/Preamp section
  • Shape: Transient Shaper along with new utility tools
  • Two equalizers: vintage passive and modern precision
  • Three compressors based on FET Compressor Mk II, Bus Processor, and OPTO Compressor
  • Newly designed drive algorithm
  • Dual USB-C ports with daisy chain compatibility
  • VESA and 19-inch rack mounting options
  • Prepare to elevate your mixing capabilities with the Console 1 Channel Mk III, setting new standards in the world of audio engineering.

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