InMusic fires many employees at Moog in Asheville

In a development that has sent shockwaves through the Moog Music community, it appears that inMusic, the company that acquired Moog Music in June, has initiated a substantial downsizing of the Moog workforce in Asheville, with intentions to shift production to Asia. While there has been no official press release from either Moog or inMusic regarding these events, reports from former Moog employees paint a bleak picture.

According to Adam Strange, a former Moog instructor, a significant number of Moog employees in Asheville have been terminated, marking a somber turning point. Another post on social media suggests that while the Asheville location may continue to operate on a limited scale, primarily producing higher-end products, the majority of production is set to move overseas, potentially compromising product quality.

Since the acquisition, there has been speculation about Moog’s future under inMusic’s ownership, with concerns that cost-cutting measures might involve relocating production to Asia. The recent events seem to validate these concerns. As the news circulates on social media and throughout the Asheville community, the fate of Moog Music in its historic home remains uncertain, leaving many with mixed feelings about what lies ahead for this iconic brand.

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