Eventide announces Omnipressor

Eventide Clockworks revolutionized the world of studio equipment with the introduction of the Omnipressor, a pioneering product designed to explore the creative potential of dynamics for special effects. The Omnipressor joined the ranks of Eventide’s iconic studio processors, such as the Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger, becoming integral to countless recordings and earning status as true classics in the industry.

However, unlike its counterparts, the Omnipressor, with its unique dynamic reversal, infinite compression, variable gating, and separate “sidechain,” faced challenges. It was eventually discontinued due to the difficulty in sourcing exclusive parts and explaining its advanced capabilities to an industry less sophisticated than today’s.

Despite this setback, the original Omnipressor units became coveted by collectors and audio professionals alike, gaining immense value in resale markets as their scarcity grew.

The Omnipressor’s genesis stemmed from a conversation between Eventide’s founder, Richard Factor, and Mark Weiss, a scientist involved in the Watergate scandal investigation. The sidechain concept they developed enabled compression techniques that were previously unattainable, pushing the boundaries of 1970s hardware.

The Omnipressor, initially released as the “white face (Model 2826),” was later succeeded by the more user-friendly “black face (Model 2830)” version designed by Jon Paul. This model further cemented the Omnipressor’s legendary status.

Now, Eventide celebrates the golden anniversary of the Omnipressor with the Model 2830*Au, a faithful replica of the original. The new model retains the same circuitry and sound while introducing modern conveniences. It can be linked with multiple units, features audio transformers, a universal power supply, and a back-lit meter. TRS/XLR connectors replace the original terminal strip, enhancing usability.

With supply chain issues resolved after five decades, the Omnipressor Model 2830*Au is available for pre-order at an MSRP of $1999, set to ship in January 2024. This release marks the return of a studio legend, ready to inspire a new generation of audio enthusiasts.

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