Waldorf Music annouces Largo 2 software synthesizer

Waldorf Music is introducing Largo 2, an enhanced and visually adaptable software synthesizer that now offers a scalable user interface. This new iteration of Largo represents a comprehensive addition to the Waldorf synthesizer lineup, perfect for virtual rack setups.

The user interface has undergone a significant redesign, allowing for seamless scalability. Regardless of your display, whether it’s a high-resolution 5K monitor or a standard laptop with an FHD screen, and whether you prefer a full-sized view or a compact status display, the plugin always maintains its visual clarity and focus.

Largo 2 boasts a rich set of features, including three robust oscillators per voice, with two of them featuring sub-oscillators. These oscillators offer classic waveforms as well as 68 Wavetables sourced from the renowned Microwave, Wave, Q, and Blofeld synthesizers. Additionally, the synthesizer incorporates two independent multimode filters and supports up to four layers per sound with four stereo outputs.

Notably, Waldorf Music has introduced three formant filter types that replicate the frequency responses of the human vocal tract. By manipulating the cutoff parameter, users can seamlessly transition between vowel sounds (a-e-i-o-u), ideal for creating choir and voice-like modulations.

Largo 2 is fully compatible with macOS (both Apple silicon and Intel) and Windows, offering native 64-bit support, ensuring optimal performance on these platforms. What’s more, users can effortlessly import their existing soundsets, preserving their creative work and sound libraries.



  • Two Wavetable Oscillators capable of both Wavetable and Waveform (VA) Synthesis, offering 68 Waldorf Wavetables with wave selection from PPG and Waldorf Wave, complete with an included sub oscillator.
  • One VA Waveform oscillator.
  • Noise Generator.
  • OSC FM (Frequency Modulation).
  • Hard Sync.
  • Ring Modulation.

Filters per Voice:

  • Two digital filters with independent modes: 12/24 dB LP/BP/HP/Notch.
  • Two Comb Filters.
  • Three Formant Filters.
  • Filter FM (Frequency Modulation).
  • Choice of serial or parallel filter routing.
  • Modulatable panning and levels.


  • Four Envelopes with single/multi trigger and five different modes.
  • Three LFOs (one of them featuring a step editor).
  • Four Complex Modifiers, supporting mathematical operations (+, -, *, OR, XOR, AND, Min, Max) to combine multiple sources for complex modulations.

Mod Matrix:

  • Sixteen modulation slots.
  • A wide variety of modulation sources and destinations.
  • Ability to use identical sources and destinations multiple times.

Effects (Per layer):

  • Two effect slots.
  • Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Drive.
  • EQ with Bass Boost.

Performance Features:

  • A flexible 16-step arpeggiator.
  • Four stereo outputs (alternatively one stereo sum).
  • Support for host automation of nearly all parameters.
  • MIDI controller automation of the most crucial parameters.


  • Support for up to 256 voice polyphony.
  • Four individual parts.
  • Mono, Legato, and Unison Modes.


  • Integrated File Browser.
  • Program Manager for effortless reorganization of bank content.
  • Includes 16 banks from various sound designers.
  • Category filter for a professional patch list.
  • Compatibility with Largo 1 patches.

System Requirements:

  • For Microsoft Windows: Windows 7/10/11, Intel- or AMD-based PC (64 Bit only).
  • For MacOS: MacOS 10.14x or higher, Intel or Apple Silicon-based Mac (64 Bit only).
  • Supported Formats: VST2/VST3/AU/AAX.
  • NKS support.

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