Steinberg announces Cubase 13

Steinberg has unveiled Cubase 13, marking a significant leap in music production software. This latest version introduces a revamped user interface, fresh features, and enhancements, offering a more intuitive and stimulating experience for music creators. Whether it’s the high-end Cubase Pro or the beginner-friendly Cubase Elements, Cubase 13 equips users with an extensive array of tools to craft music across genres, from elaborate film compositions to top-notch pop productions, all powered by the exceptional Steinberg audio engine.

The MixConsole undergoes a sleek redesign to bolster focus on the mixing process, while the Project window incorporates a new channel tab for immediate access to crucial mixing parameters without disrupting the song’s arrangement. VocalChain simplifies the vocal mixing workflow, providing an all-in-one plug-in for professional vocal recordings. The addition of VoxComp, a compressor tailored for vocals in Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist, refines recordings without compromising quality.

Enhancements in MIDI composition offer a streamlined workflow, including a powerful Range Selection tool, improved Step and MIDI input functions, and simpler MIDI CC recording for further editing. The Chord Pads receive a complete overhaul, aiding users in creating innovative chord progressions effortlessly.

Cubase 13 debuts Iconica Sketch, a compact orchestral library ideal for both novices and seasoned composers. It contains 140 articulations for 34 instruments, enabling the creation of high-quality orchestral scores. The update also brings back the legendary Steinberg Vocoder and introduces new character-driven effects like EQ-P1A, EQ-M5 equalizers, and the Black Valve compressor, adding warmth and depth to productions.

Moreover, the release introduces various improvements, including Spectral Warp modes in the Sampler Track, exclusive sample packs, enhanced playback options, and a Tap Tempo feature, among others.

Matthias Quellmann, senior product marketing manager for Cubase, expressed the team’s satisfaction with the balance of workflow enhancements and creative features in Cubase 13, emphasizing their commitment to aiding users in maintaining their creative flow.

Cubase 13, Cubase Artist 13, and Cubase Elements 13 are available through various channels, with pricing varying according to region. Existing users from a specified date are eligible for a free update, and Iconica Sketch is also available as a standalone instrument.

The latest version offers a range of enhancements and additions across different Cubase versions, ensuring an enriched music production experience for users at every level.

Cubase Pro 13, Cubase Artist 13 and Cubase Elements 13 are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop. The suggested retail price for Cubase Pro 13 is 579 euros or 579.99 US dollars. The suggested retail price for Cubase Artist 13 is 329 euros or 329.99 US dollars. The suggested retail price for Cubase Elements 13 is 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars. Prices may vary according to region.

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