Wide Blue Sound reimagines reverb with Silencer

Wide Blue Sound introduces SILENCER, a pioneering plug-in revolutionizing reverb by leveraging the patent-pending TimeGate process. This innovative tool resets the reverb signal with each note, eliminating unwanted sustaining reverb that clouds instrument clarity. By incorporating new effects and offering personalized reverb creation, SILENCER acts as a reverb management tool, empowering users to save presets and optimize mixes. Its distinctive TimeGate feature efficiently manages CPU resources, initiating a fresh reverb with each transient, ensuring a 100% clear sound. Benefits include enhanced drum punch, clear vocals and chords, vintage beats, and resolving bass/kick reverb phase issues. Users can create diverse reverb styles and enjoy unparalleled control, triggering reverb via MIDI, sidechain signals, or manually. The plug-in also boasts three modules optimizing sound manipulation: STRIP, GATE, and SPREAD, FOCUS EQ, and SIDECHAIN for precise control and sound enhancement.

SILENCER not only complements existing reverb plug-ins but also allows quick access to preferred VST effects, serving as an effective reverb management tool. It ensures compatibility with future plug-ins, offering flexibility and extensive control. Wide Blue Sound’s CEO emphasizes SILENCER’s uniqueness in complementing rather than replacing existing reverbs, ensuring compatibility with various reverbs for a comprehensive, future-proof solution.

SILENCER supports macOS 10.13+, optimized for Apple Silicon, and Windows Vista+. It hosts VST3 plug-ins for stability and UX. SILENCER is available to purchase — priced at $99.00 USD (with a no-nonsense 14-day money-back guarantee) — directly from the Wide Blue Sound website.


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