Telegrapher Loudspeakers Debuts at NAMM 2024

Telegrapher today announced that the company will make its NAMM debut this week and showcase three new products, including the Gorilla 3-way analog midfield monitor, the Fox 2-way analog nearfield monitor, and the Elephant analog subwoofer.

Telegrapher is a young, agile, and ambitious new pro audio company specializing in premium all-analog studio monitors that offer exceptionally accurate, immersive, and highly musical sound. Telegrapher monitors deliver sound quality that outperforms other premium monitors in their class, and have already found a home with top studios, engineers, and producers worldwide, including deadmau5, Ricky Damian, Rammstein, David Bascombe, and many more.

“We believe that music is an integral part of the human experience, and it deserves to be heard in the best possible way,” said Erce Kaslioglu, Co-Founder and CEO, Telegrapher. “Our speakers provide rich, musical sound that truly enhances the process of creating, mixing, mastering, and listening to music. We are thrilled to debut our studio monitors at NAMM, and look forward to meeting audio professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.”

Telegrapher speakers take a timeless design approach and elevate it to the highest levels of quality and performance. Based on pure analog circuitry, Telegrapher monitors deliver warm, neutral, and realistic sound across the entire frequency spectrum. The Telegrapher engineering team spent thousands of hours refining its analog crossover and analog circuitry to ensure balanced sound, ample headroom, and minimal distortion.

The Telegrapher team brings a level of precision craftsmanship that’s unprecedented in the speaker market. Company co-founder and CEO Erce Kaslioglu comes from a highly successful background in the luxury automotive industry, producing decorative interior and exterior components for brands like Bentley and Aston Martin. Co-founder and CTO Emre Telci has designed speakers for global brands for twenty years, and personally oversees all aspects of the design and manufacturing processes. Every Telegrapher speaker is built by hand and extensively tested to meet the highest level of audio and build quality. By leveraging their design experience, manufacturing prowess, and quality control expertise, Telegrapher is raising the bar for the premium loudspeaker market.
Telegrapher speakers are available in five beautiful custom colors, with a premium silky matte finish. Customers can even choose to have their logo or signature laser-etched on the back panel, or have custom artwork hand painted on the cabinet.

The brand recently collaborated with legendary electronic music producer deadmau5 to create custom Gorilla and Fox monitors for his world-class studio in Toronto, featuring his iconic logo. The special customized deadmau5 models will be on display at Telegrapher’s booth 16020 at NAMM 2024.

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