Orchestral Tools Announces Drones Arkanum Update

Orchestral Tools introduces Arkanum, an expansion of the Drones collection featuring 33 new patches curated by experimental musician Alexander Hacke. These additions, drawing from the foundational sonic landscape of Drones, offer a diverse array of eerie tones, from ominous rumbles to ethereal whispers, ideal for enhancing any composition or sound design project with an otherworldly ambiance. As a gesture of appreciation to existing Drones users, the update is provided at no extra cost, while the entire collection is temporarily available at a discounted price of €119 + VAT (regularly €189) until Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Alternatively, the Arkanum instrument group can be purchased individually for €33.

Recorded at Berlin’s Teldex Scoring Stage and Silent Green, chosen for its haunting acoustics, the Drones collection distinguishes itself with exceptionally long notes and versatile layering capabilities. Covering a wide frequency range, from deep sub-aural lows to shimmering highs, these sounds serve as a foundation for atmospheric scoring, meditation, or experimental sonic exploration.

Arkanum extends the sonic journey initiated by Drones, utilizing instruments personally played by Alexander Hacke, including electric and acoustic guitars. Employing techniques such as ebow and feedback, Hacke’s signature sonic aesthetic is evident. Additional layers and processing techniques applied by Hacke result in the creation of new Arkanum patches. Notably, many Arkanum patches allow for expressive manipulation through the mod wheel, reflecting the Drones collection’s emphasis on playability and musical versatility. Hacke expresses a belief in the profound philosophical impact of music and sound, aiming to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among fellow musicians.

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