Ampersand Ampersand announces Wear & Tear Eurorack module

Ampersand ampersand now offers pre-orders for wear & tear, its first eurorack module, recreating cassette imperfections inspired by vintage tape machines. Available for pre-order since may 9, this module brings the classic charm of cassette recorders to modern musicians, offering a versatile range of effects from subtle saturation to total sonic transformation.

Wear & tear’s 14hp-wide front panel, subtitled “Stereo cassette tape emulator,” reflects its inspiration. With dual-function knobs enabling complex configurations, it offers features like dust, saturation, lo-pass and high-pass filters, wow and flutter, age, noise generator, crinkle, and compress.

A user-friendly firmware update system ensures wear & tear stays current and improves over time. With shipping to us-based buyers from brooklyn, ny by may 31, 2024, this module is priced at $350.00 usd. It’s a must-have for any modern musician seeking the lo-fi sound characterized by cassette imperfections, all without the hassle of vintage tape machines.

Shipping to us-based buyers from brooklyn, ny by may 31, 2024, wear & tear is already available to pre-order — priced at $350.00 usd

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