UVI release Quadra Modular – Multi-Instrument and Sequence Designer

Introducing UVI Quadra Modular, a revolutionary 4-part instrument and sequence designer blending sounds from a vast array of analog and digital modular synthesizers to inspire new musical creations. With a diverse selection of multi-sampled modular synthesizers, users can craft dynamic and evolving sequences effortlessly, thanks to its intuitive workflow, powerful arpeggiator, and phrase sequencer, along with expressive performance controls and a deep factory library. Quadra Modular, priced at $99 / 99€ until May 26th, 2024 (regularly $149 / 149€), offers versatility and creativity for any style of production.

Loaded with an extensive range of modular synthesizers, from standalone to custom-built systems, vintage to modern analog and digital, Eurorack, and more, Quadra Modular enables users to explore and create complex layered voices and adaptive progressions. Its customizable instrument layers, advanced arpeggiator, and phrase sequencer, along with a rich collection of factory patches, provide endless possibilities for musical expression and inspiration. Compatible with modern DAWs, Quadra Modular ensures seamless integration and flexibility for musicians and producers alike.

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