Arturia releases MiniBrute V software recreation of its iconic MiniBrute hardware

Arturia announces the release of MiniBrute V, a software recreation of its iconic MiniBrute hardware. This digital version boasts expanded polyphony, a built-in FX rack, and an expertly curated preset library, allowing musicians to explore the powerful analog sounds of the original MiniBrute with modern flexibility.

Raw Analog Power
MiniBrute V maintains its uncompromising analog sound, now enhanced with the ability to produce complex chord voicings and layered textures, surpassing its monosynth origins.

Built-in FX Rack
Transform MiniBrute V’s analog energy with a versatile FX rack featuring 4 slots and 17 FX types, providing extensive options to shape and enhance your sound.

World-Class Presets
The factory library, designed by renowned synthesists and analog experts, remains faithful to the original while pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Intuitive Interface
Experience the immediacy and depth of analog synthesis through MiniBrute V’s intuitive signal path, making it incredibly easy to play and program.

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