UDO announces the Super 8 16-voice polyphonic analog-hybrid synthesizer

Meet the latest evolution in the Super series. At its heart, the Super 8 boasts two independent binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer chains using UDO’s proven technology. With up to 16 voices of polyphony and two distinct timbres, each with its own effects chain, the Super 8 offers a reimagined analog experience. Voices and timbral layers can be split, layered, or sequenced effortlessly, similar to the larger Super Gemini.

Powered by advanced FPGA digital oscillators, the Super 8 offers wave morphing, cross & ring modulation, bi-directional sync, and an all-analog signal path, inspired by classic polysynths. The 61-note keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, performance controls, 256 patch slots, 32 waveforms, and 16 sequences provide a balance of power and playability.

Positioned between the Super 6 and the Super Gemini, the Super 8 emphasizes user-friendly, tactile controls and an intuitive design that encourages sonic exploration. It features true-stereo binaural signal paths, dual FPGAs, and twin effects processors, all within a portable and road-ready design. The Super 8, the next step in the Super family, combines the dual cores and playability of its larger counterpart in a compact form, embodying the UDO philosophy of the power of play.

At a Glance

Price (RRP): €3,749 / £2,995 / $3,699
Availability: First units shipping July 2024

Top-line Specs:

  • 16 voices (8 in binaural mode)
  • Bi-timbral
  • Analog-hybrid
  • 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch
  • High-quality control elementsInstrument: 1040mm × 400mm × 95mm, 13.4kg
  • Packaged: 1150mm × 550mm × 230mm, 18.1kg

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