FL Studio and Arturia Partner for Exclusive Plugin & Sound Pack Offer

FL Studio and Arturia have joined forces to present two exclusive, limited-time deals: a comprehensive bundle featuring six legendary instruments, four effects, and five preset packs, as well as a special discount on Arturia’s Pigments 5 synth. This collaboration delivers a unique mix of iconic synths, effects, and hybrid instruments, blending past classics with futuristic sounds, perfect for chart-topping hits or cinematic scores.

The Arturia Essentials Bundle includes 15 plugins and sound packs valued at over $1,000. The bundle breakdown is as follows:

Six Instruments:

  • Prophet-5 V: The definitive polyphonic synth, offering soulful, characterful, and enormous sounds, featured in countless classics.
  • DX7 V: A recreation of the mid-80s chart-dominating synth, with all the iconic presets still used in modern hits.
  • Mini V: An exact replica of the iconic monosynth, providing searing leads and rumbling basses.
  • MiniFreak V: Arturia’s hardware recreation with digital oscillators, analog-style filters, creative modulation, and unique presets.
  • Analog Lab Intro: Access 500 presets from Arturia’s V Collection, with expandability through additional Sound Packs.
  • Augmented GRAND PIANO: A modern take on the classic piano, combining synth layers for unprecedented sounds.

Four Effects:

  • Rev PLATE-140: Classic plate reverb with lush, iconic tails.
  • Delay TAPE-201: A recreation of the iconic tape delay, offering warmth and creative feedback.
  • Efx FRAGMENTS: Granular processing for rhythmic stutters, glitches, and eerie soundscapes.
  • Efx MOTIONS: Modulation effects for pads, vocals, drum loops, and more.

Five Preset Packs:

  • Chillwave: Synthwave essentials, from classic hooks to atmospheric tones.
  • Pigments Deep House: Uplifting deep house presets for bass, leads, and pads.
  • Lo-fi Nightlight: Lo-fi patches with VHS and retro cassette vibes.
  • Future Chaos: Cyberpunk-themed basses and suspenseful atmospheres.
  • Berlin Melodik: Hypnotic bass sequences, analog arps, and crunchy leads, capturing the sound of Berlin.

This exclusive offer provides musicians with an unparalleled toolkit for creative exploration.

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