Introducing Spectravox: Moog’s Modular Analog Spectral Processing

Moog Music proudly announces Spectravox, a semi-modular analog spectral processor designed to elevate musical expression and sound design. Now available globally, Spectravox merges classic Moog sound manipulation with innovative features, marking a new era in auditory exploration.

As the latest addition to Moog’s esteemed semi-modular family, Spectravox features a 10-band filter bank, an analog Moog oscillator, and a dynamic white noise generator. This versatile spectral processor is a gateway to uncharted sonic realms, creating lively drones and tonal sweeps that enhance any composition.

In its compact 60HP format, Spectravox functions both as a standalone synthesizer and an integral part of Eurorack setups. It offers dual-mode functionality, transforming from a powerful synthesizer voice into a 10-band vocoder. The secondary filter bank analyzes incoming sounds, allowing users to imprint external timbral characteristics onto Spectravox’s analog tones.

The possibilities are endless, from shaping warm oscillations with your voice to animating guitar chords with a drum machine for broadband percussive effects. The combo XLR/jack program input ensures seamless integration with microphones and other sound modules, adding resonant depth and psychedelic spectral movements.

Spectravox’s extensive patch bay invites musicians and sound designers to explore innovative sound design and complex audio manipulation. It’s not just a synthesizer but an evolution of the traditional vocoder and filter bank, designed to inspire and transform modern music production.

Drawing inspiration from historical milestones in sound processing, such as Homer Dudley’s Vocoder and the collaboration between Wendy Carlos and Bob Moog, Spectravox combines historical depth with modern precision. It’s a powerful tool for live performance and studio recording, transforming simple sounds into complex sonic landscapes.

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