4ms Company announces the Meta Module

The MetaModule bridges the gap between virtual software modules and physical hardware, allowing musicians to step away from the computer and make music with tangible controls while retaining the flexibility of software plugins.

The MetaModule is a Eurorack module preloaded with over 160 modules from 4ms Company, Befaco, HetrickCV, Nonlinearcircuits, and Eightfold, including clones of popular Mutable Instruments modules and various physical modeling algorithms. All these modules are accessible via the free VCV Rack software, enabling you to create patches on your computer and transfer them to the MetaModule or craft directly on the hardware.

Beyond the built-in modules, you can load additional plugins. There are already over 200 third-party plugins from developers like Bogaudio, Valley, ChowDSP, and NANO Modular, with more on the way. An SDK is available to facilitate easy conversion of VCV Rack plugins to MetaModule plugins, and developers can distribute their plugins freely, whether commercially or not.

The MetaModule features 12 physical knobs, each mappable to up to eight virtual knobs with different ranges and offsets. Groups of mappings, called Knob Sets, can be saved and switched using the encoder. Additionally, the 8 inputs and 8 outputs can be mapped to virtual jacks. As a USB MIDI host, the MetaModule also supports mapping MIDI CC, notes, gates, and other parameters to its knobs and jacks.

Customize your MetaModule with expanders such as a WiFi expander for wireless patch transfers, a Knob expander for additional controls, a Button expander, a CV/Audio expander for more high-resolution inputs and outputs, and a Gate In/Out expander with TRS MIDI and I2C.

The MetaModule includes six CV/Audio inputs, two gate inputs, and six CV/Audio outputs, all 24-bit, 48kHz DC-coupled, -10V to +10V. A USB-C jack supports MIDI devices and thumb drives. Patches and plugins can be loaded via USB or SD Card, with internal flash memory for saving favorite patches. It boasts a powerful dual-core Cortex-A7 processor at 800MHz, a Cortex-M4 co-processor, and 512MB of DDR3 RAM, ensuring fast startup and low latency.

Retail Availability: August 27, 2024
Price: $649 (USD)

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