iZotope announces RX 11 audio software

iZotope, a part of Native Instruments, has unveiled RX 11, the latest iteration of its renowned audio repair toolkit, trusted by Hollywood professionals. With a powerful standalone editor and a suite of plugins, RX 11 addresses audio issues across various domains, from post-production to music and content creation, employing cutting-edge machine learning technology.

RX 11 enhances the capabilities of its visual-based spectral editing, enabling users to target specific issues like unwanted reverb, clicks, clipping, hum, and background noise. Its Repair Assistant, with upgraded machine learning, now offers greater flexibility and faster results.

New features in RX 11 include Dialogue Isolate, Loudness Optimize, Streaming Preview, Music Rebalance, and Mid/Side mode. The Dialogue Isolate module, now featuring Dialogue De-Reverb, offers real-time control over noise and unwanted reverb. Loudness Optimize maximizes perceived loudness for streaming platforms, and Streaming Preview allows users to hear how their music will be adjusted by different services.

Music Rebalance utilizes a neural network to create instrumentals and vocal stems from a full mix, while Repair Assistant provides improved quality and speed with additional controls. Advanced features like Dialogue Contour offer nuanced adjustments to voice character and expressivity.

RX 11 comes in three tiers—Elements, Standard, and Advanced—with pricing ranging from $99 USD to $1199 USD, each offering a range of features tailored to different user needs. Additionally, multi-seat enterprise licensing options are available for Advanced and Post Production Suite 8. These updates make RX 11 a comprehensive solution for audio professionals seeking top-quality results in audio repair and enhancement.

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