Meer the AVALITH 100 Raw Oscillators Matrix Drone synthesizer

AVALITH is a drone synthesizer featuring a matrix of 100 raw oscillators within an open design configuration, framed by a four-pole analog lowpass filter. Utilizing negistors (a type of transistor), Avalith aims to create a dense, immersive ‘wall of sound’ by manipulating pure electrical signals. The 100 oscillators are grouped into sets of ten, each with frequency controls, internal patch bays, dedicated I/O sockets, and performance-oriented buttons for customizable functions. A ‘starve’ control adjusts the voltage entering the transistors, inducing the negistor state, and can be controlled at both individual bank and master levels via control voltage.

Avalith includes an analog variable state 4-pole lowpass filter with resonance and frequency controls, complemented by dedicated CV inputs and an attenuverter. A built-in input preamp with routing options allows the incorporation of external audio sources into the sound design process.

As a standalone unit, Avalith uses an innovative hybrid power supply via USB-C Power Delivery (20V) or a standard power brick (18V to 24V). It can also power another compatible Eurorack case, making it perfect for outdoor use. When integrated into a Eurorack system, Avalith occupies 68HP and includes a front-panel power switch.

– 100 transistor-based oscillators divided into 10 banks
– Dupont patchbay with 200 access points
– 4-pole resonant variable state lowpass filter
– Master starve control with CV input
– Global envelope and peak CV output
– Hi-Z preamp with pre/post filter switch for auxiliary input
– High-quality headphone driver (3.5mm stereo jack)
– Standalone black aluminum case
– Flexible power: USB-C or barrel brick
– Eurorack ready with front-panel power switch

– Standalone: 34.8 cm length, 13.7 cm width, 5.5 cm height
– Eurorack: 68HP width, 25mm depth
– Current draw: +12V 800ma, -12V 300ma

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