Pittsburgh Modular announces Voltage Lab 2

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers proudly presents Voltage Lab 2, the highly anticipated successor to the Voltage Research Laboratory. The Voltage Lab 2 is a standalone dual oscillator  featuring new wave-shaping technologies and a tactile performance controller.

Voltage Lab 2 is a comprehensive analog synthesis playground, offering innovative tools and unique inventions from Pittsburgh Modular. This curated collection of synthesis tools pairs with a specially designed Touch Controller for intuitive performance control, enabling endless musical exploration and inspired composition.

Voltage Lab 2 Oscillators
Voltage Lab 2 includes two Laboratory Oscillators, each with newly invented wave-shaping tools to enhance analog synthesis. Oscillator 1 introduces Center Clipping, allowing independent control over waveform sections, manipulating harmonics and timbre without altering pitch. Oscillator 2 features Pulse Symmetry and Wave Reflection, offering new sonic possibilities. Pulse Symmetry creates a stepped pulse wave, while Wave Reflection transforms waveforms, such as morphing a saw wave into a triangle.

Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller
The Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller adds organic depth and presence by managing both amplitude and harmonic content. This technology, evolving from traditional low pass gates, imparts a natural, complex sound to Voltage Lab 2.

Touch Controller 2
Touch Controller 2 combines traditional pitched performance with experimental freedom, offering two independent channels for expressive playing and sequencing. Features include assignable scales, step conditions, generative sequencing, and more.

Analog Effects: Florist and Echos
Voltage Lab 2 includes analog effects: Florist, a flanger/chorus hybrid with controlled feedback, and Echos, a darker BBD delay with extended repeats. Both effects cater to traditional and experimental workflows.

Modular Tools
Voltage Lab 2 offers a complete set of modular synthesis tools, including mixers, function generators, noise, sample and hold, LFO, MIDI, arpeggiator, and a chance sequencer, supporting diverse sonic experiments.

Voltage Lab 2 is expected to be available at a street price of $1999.99 USD.

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