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Ableton is offering a free update to Live Lite 5.

Ableton Live Lite 5 features some of the latest enhancements included in Ableton Live 5 software. Compared to Live Lite 4, Live Lite 5 features full ReWire Support, MIDI Remote Control, Mackie Control Support, Complex Warp Mode, Clip Freeze, Plug-in Delay Compensation, Arrangement Locators, Live Clip Format, Searchable Browser, New Preset Management and Effect/Device groups, and new Audio and MIDI effects such as Beat Repeat, Arpeggiator and Saturator.

Ableton releases Operator

Ableton releases Operator

Ableton has announced the worldwide release of Operator, a powerful new software synthesizer instrument optimized for use inside Live 4 (actually 4.1). Operator brings an eclectic spectrum of sonic possibilities and musical inspiration to Ableton Live users. True to Ableton’s philosophy, Operator invites creativity through the fusion of depth and usability, allowing even the most complex sounds to be created quickly. Whether you long for evolving synthetic textures, rich expressive leads, gritty percussion, rhythmic atmospheres or anything in between, Operator has the cure.

Ableton released new update for Live

Ableton just released the latest bug fix update Live 4.0.4. To get this version please go to the download section of their website: or use the “Check for Updates” function within Live’s help menu.

You DO NOT need to uninstall a previous Live version to install Live 4.0.4. You can install the new version in parallel. Rather the opposite Ableton recommends to keep the existing Live version until you have checked out Live 4.0.4.