Ableton is offering a free update to Live Lite 5.

Ableton Live Lite 5 features some of the latest enhancements included in Ableton Live 5 software. Compared to Live Lite 4, Live Lite 5 features full ReWire Support, MIDI Remote Control, Mackie Control Support, Complex Warp Mode, Clip Freeze, Plug-in Delay Compensation, Arrangement Locators, Live Clip Format, Searchable Browser, New Preset Management and Effect/Device groups, and new Audio and MIDI effects such as Beat Repeat, Arpeggiator and Saturator.

Registered owners of Live Lite 4 and Live Delta can download a free update to Live Lite 5 from Ableton’s website at

To upgrade to the full version of Live 5, go to the Ableton website.

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