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Access releases new Virus OS v.4.5.

Access releases new Virus OS v.4.5.

Access Music released a public beta version of OS 4.5 for the entire Virus TI series including the Virus TI Snow. TIOS 4.5 brings several new types of chorus effect to the Virus TI series, ranging from faithful models of renowned vintage chorus and tremolo effects, to the brand new Hyper Chorus. It also adds a authentic rotary speaker simulation and several new mod matrix sources have been implemented.

The Acess Virus Vuvuzela Song Contest

Your mission is to write a song featuring either the Virus Vuvuzela patch or alternatively the Virus Vuvuzela samples provided by us. There are no restriction to the style of the song, we would like to encourage you though to use the Vuvuzela in a creative way. You will recognize that both the Vuvuzela sample and patches provided are not necessarily in tune which keeps things more authentic. In case you would like to alter the patches or samples, feel free to do so. Use what you have – this is a sound design contest after all. It is not advisable though to alter the content beyond recognition since the contest is about the Vuvuzela’s sound.

Access Virus TI OS 4 announced

Access Music, the company behind the award winning Virus TI series of hardware synthesizers presents OS4 for the entire Virus TI series on the NAMM Show 2010 in Anaheim, California. The new update adds exiting and innovative new sound design features and will be available free of charge to all Virus TI users.

Access TIOS has been released

Access is happy to announce the availability of OS for the entire Virus TI range of synthesizers. The new version is based on the recent public beta builds and focuses on stability enhancements. Access recommend every user to update their Virus TI synthesizers. The software update itself as well as a detailed list of changes and additions can be found within the download section.