The Acess Virus Vuvuzela Song Contest

Your mission is to write a song featuring either the Virus Vuvuzela patch or alternatively the Virus Vuvuzela samples provided by us. There are no restriction to the style of the song, we would like to encourage you though to use the Vuvuzela in a creative way. You will recognize that both the Vuvuzela sample and patches provided are not necessarily in tune which keeps things more authentic. In case you would like to alter the patches or samples, feel free to do so. Use what you have – this is a sound design contest after all. It is not advisable though to alter the content beyond recognition since the contest is about the Vuvuzela’s sound.

The winner will be chosen by the Access Music team, the judges decision is final. The winner will receive a Virus TI Snow from us door-to-door free of change.

In order to enter the contest you are required to upload your song entry as an mp3 file no later than the 30th of August 2010. Details on how to upload your song will be available by 20th of August 2010 on this page.

By entering the contest, you guarantee that your contribution is copyright clean, you are the only copyright holder and no third party composition copyrights are involved. You also guarantee that all samples used are cleared. You grant Kemper Digital GmbH the right to use the song within the context of the contest and make it available for public to listen to. We plan to make all songs available online through our own web server or a third party server such as Soundcloud. You remain the copyright holder of the song.

Access support will not be able to assist you modifying and/or installing the patches or samples. We provide the raw samples along with a Kontakt/EXS/Reason/Structure patch which might work with your sequencer and software sampler. We also provide the original Virus Vuvuzela patches for Virus TI users. There will be a dedicated section on the Access Music forum where attendees can help each other out. Check for further details.

How to get started?
This competition is for Virus fans only. To download the Vuvuzelas and participate in the contest you are required to become a Virus fan first by clicking on the “like” button in the blue status bar right on top. Once you’ve done that, you will see the download options.





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