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DJ Midi Controller Gearjunkies Comparison

DJ Midi Controller Gearjunkies Comparison

Playing with ‘gear’ is the average Gearjunkies ‘wet dream‘ (so to speak). As it happened we were able to get four top DJ Midi Controllers in the same room at the same time. As two of the Gearjunkies founders (Marc and Mark) have a strong DJ heritage we’d decided to throw a party to have some good ol’ DJ Fun! Plus at the same time, do a good comparison between the controllers that were available.

Allen&Heath Xone:DX – Gearjunkies Review

A professional DJ controller with integrated, high quality soundcard. That’s a way to describe the new Allen&Heath Xone:DX. But that would be missing a whole lot of points of the digital DJ system that Allen&Heath and Serato co-developed. The Xone:DX controller in combination with Serato Itch software is a professional and robust system for the Digital DJ. As a vinyl-DJ with relative extreme little Digital DJ experience, I’ve got the opportunity to check out the Xone:DX and write up my first impressions!

Allen & Heath Xone:DX arrives at the Gearjunkies Lab

Today was a good day! Yes, the good people from TM Audio (dutch importer) send us a shiny Xone:DX controller to play with. It is always cool to unbox ‘new gear’. That’s what we live for (… amongst other activities of course). In the coming weeks we are going to put this DX to the test and get a review going, so we can let you know what we think about this controller. Allen & Heath released this Xone:DX earlier this year. It is a new performance audio controller for electronic DJs and is the result of close design collaboration between Allen & Heath and Serato. The Xone:DX with Serato ITCH DJ software now offers 4 Virtual Decks and the latest Serato DJ FX.