Allen & Heath Xone:DX arrives at the Gearjunkies Lab

Today was a good day! Yes, the good people from TM Audio (dutch importer) send us a shiny Xone:DX controller to play with. It is always cool to unbox ‘new gear’. That’s what we live for (… amongst other activities of course). In the coming weeks we are going to put this DX to the test and get a review going, so we can let you know what we think about this controller. Allen & Heath released this Xone:DX earlier this year. It is a new performance audio controller for electronic DJs and is the result of close design collaboration between Allen & Heath and Serato. The Xone:DX with Serato ITCH DJ software now offers 4 Virtual Decks and the latest Serato DJ FX.

Allen & Heath are the fourth major manufacturing partner to co-engineer on the Serato ITCH platform. Using their 40 years of experience creating world class mixers and specialty controllers, Allen & Heath now provide for the future of electronic music performance. The Xone:DX with ITCH arms a breed of electronic performer that wants precise control and manipulation of more audio with their DJ performance, in the club and everywhere they travel.

The collaboration has resulted in a portable piece of digital DJ technology, absolutely brimming with features and high end specification. Because the DX is official ITCH hardware, Serato have made sure it simply works out of the box.

  • Designed in conjunction with Serato
  • Includes full version of ITCH DJ software
  • 4 channel layout with FX control
  • Two dual layer deck simulators
  • Bi-color LED layer assignment
  • 20-channel USB 2.0 sound card
  • 24bit/96KHz audio system
  • 168 individual MIDI messages available
  • ITCH includes Serato DJ FX, looping and time-stretching
  • RIAA / Phono input for external decks
  • Mix outputs on RCA and balanced XLR
  • Separate booth output
  • Fully compatible with other leading DJ software
  • Built-in hardware MIDI interface
  • Professional modular construction
  • High quality faders
  • 50mm deep to fit laptop bag

Serato and A&H Xone:DX






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