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Clavia Nord Modular G2 update released

The Nord Modular G2 OS and the G2 Editor have been updated to version 1.6. This update is also accompanied by a new universal XP- and Vista-compatible USB driver – v2.14. This driver can also be used with the Nord Stage EX, Nord Electro 3, Nord Wave and the Nord C1. The driver is digitally signed which allows users with a Vista 64-bit system to install it.

Experience the Nord Modular G2 system without a G2

Experience the Nord Modular G2 system without a G2

Now you will be able to experience the Nord Modular G2 demo software. This software will demonstrate a bit of the power of the Nord Modular G2 hardware system. The demo software only hints on the possibilities of the hardware.

This demo program itself is not intended to be used as a musical tool. Of course, the G2 hardware instruments are real professional musical instruments. That is why they are designed as independent hardware instruments with a velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard the acclaimed Clavia pitchstick and modulation wheels, plus a revolutionary new front panel concept. In our view, only hardware can offer rockstable and trouble free operation in a Single Box Solution.

In other words; real musical instruments that you just pick up and take on the road to do a gig or a recording session. Or just to have a good time jamming with your friends. Still, this demo software gives you a good chance to see and hear what those characteristic high quality sounds of the G2 instruments are all about. And try out the endless possibilities by patching new synthesizers.