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Stage seventy six as well as a preview of the coming 2.0 OS for the Nord Stage, the anticipated new OS v1.40 for the Nord Modular G2 and OS v2.3 plus two new grand pianos for the Nord Electro.

Nord Stage seventy six
The Nord Stage seventy six has the same medium weighted hammer action keyboard feel and contains the same powerful features as the Nord Stage eighty eight but in an even more light weight and compact design. This means you dont have to compromise anything in terms of features or sound quality where weight and space is a matter of concern.

Nord Stage OS 2.0 preview
New enhanced piano factory library 2.0. Two new pianos. The Steinway now also comes as close mic version and the Yamaha C7 now also comes as a 64MB luxury version with even more velocity layers and realism.

-The sustain function is greatly enhanced with a much more realistic and natural damping effect when the sustain pedal is released.
-The reverb now contains two more types to choose from. The two new reverb types has much in common with the old spring reverbs of the past.
-Improved delay effect, the tap tempo function now supports glitch free setting of new tempo. The new tempo is shown in the main display.
-The analog waveforms, in the synth section, are further improved.
-The synthesizer unison function now also includes the classical two voice unison.
-All instruments now supports larger range of octave shift.
-Audio routing can now be saved with programs.

Nord Modular G2 v1.40
The main new feature in version 1.40 for the Nord Modular G2 is the evolutionary patch mutator. This was developed in collaboration with composer and researcher Palle Dahlstedt based on his research in computer aided creativity.

The Patch Mutator is a toolbox for creating new patch variations guided by your ear. It will help you explore different knob settings within a certain patch by simply listening and selecting the sounds you like. Most patches can generate a vast range of different sounds, but it is tedious and difficult to explore them manually, because of the sheer number of parameters in a patch, and because of the difficulty to predict the sonic results.

In an interactive process inspired by natural evolution, the Patch Mutator creates a number of variations for you, based on one Mother sound, or based on a Mother and a Father, or more or less random. You listen to these new Children sounds one at a time, and select which one will be the parent of the next generation of children. This process can be repeated any number of generations, until you find the sounds you want.

The Patch Mutator is designed for speed and ease of use, with great care put into the interface design. In a few minutes you can create whole sets of new sounds, or series of interesting variations on existing sounds. The evolutionary approach makes it very different from simple patch randomizers available in some synthesizer editors.

Nord Electro v2.3
Main features are two new grand pianos! Yamaha C7 and Steinway D close. These pianos were taken from the Nord Stage library, and sets a new standard for the Electro Grand Piano sound. The samples have been adjusted to fit into the Electros memory, excluded are release and pedal down samples as well as some of the velocity layers.

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